My Yoga Journey

Hi and welcome to my site. My motto is long & mindful life. Since I was a child I had lots of things to do, I asked lots of questions about spirituality and existence. 

I’ve been doing yoga 20 years. Yoga for me is breath from internal, it’s a way of life, and it helps me stay calm.

My wonderful uncle Richard inspired me to be a yoga practitioner. He use to meditate every day. He presented to me pictures & stories from trips to India. I got a gift, a beautiful “Mandala”, also he says ‘we didn’t arrive on this planet earth to drive expensive cars and have a posh life’

I bought a book “Yoga” by Sivananda Yoga, with this book I took my first yoga steps.

I continued my ‘Home Yoga Practice’ one day I got a leaflet about yoga classes.

I dreamed of being a yoga teacher, I joined a yoga course, I became a student of Tara O’Neill yoga school, I really enjoyed the classes with Tara, I’m preparing to join Ashram. I was gifted with Buddies  Mantras from Tibet in April 2022.

My circumstances don’t let me do it but I know it wasn’t my time yet. 

Finally, I decided to complete  Yoga training VTSOY 200yrs at Vitality Traditional School of Yoga. I have learned from my past not to leave my goals for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. I enjoyed the present right now.

If I want to do something I do it now. I believe if you follow your heart you will do what you love to and you can practice your way, your individual way.

With yoga, I found my true self and I can help others….

Whenever people are suffering make it your task to serve them “Pope John Paul”

Don’t waste your time just follow your heart.

Thank you to the Creator, Universe, my yoga master Tara & to all who inspired me.

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I will help you slow down your thoughts and make you feel more at peace. It is also great for helping you to relax which can ultimately make you feel happier.

Using breathwork, I will teach you to focus on your breathing and make it as deep, quiet, and relaxed as possible. combination of ancient healing breathwork sequences and techniques.

I will teach you how to start practicing peace and confidence back into your life, from the very first breathwork exercise.

I will teach you to practice Yoga, When you are in harmony with both body and mind, you will be happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative. These is the best things you can do for yourself to improve your vibrational energy.

I will teach you face yoga, you can Look 10 Years Younger After Doing These designed Exercises.



*Weigh loss/weigh control meditation 

*Reduce stress & anxiety through meditation 

* Loving Self/ build up confidence and self-esteem Meditation


Duration: 40 min 


Face Yoga

Face exercise 


*Slow down aging process

*Anty-wrinkle action 

*Shaping and slimming your face  

* Massage and exercises that stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system

Duration: 30 min 


Regular Class Hatha Yoga

*Physical techniques to preserve and channel the vital force or energy

* Balancing your Solar and Lunar energies, your male and female attributes in your body and your mind.

Duration: 45 min 


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